Ranaviru Seva authority

"Virusara Privilege"

Sudu Paraviyanta Multhena Denna

Ranaviru Seva Authority , State Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Defence

Our Mission

The officers /other ranks of Army/Navy/Air Force/Police and Civil Defence Force that were killed during operations and wounded due to terrorist attacks, and confirmed close relatives of officers /other ranks, are issued this card not just to fulfill their day to day requirements from state and private institutions but also to receive priority service with due recognition.

About Us

The thirty year-long battle against brutal LTTE terrorists came to an end on 19th 0f May 2009. Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and Civil Defence Force personnel who were in the front line of this battle sacrificed life and limb in a priceless contribution towards the defence of the motherland.These heroes are the real owners of the peace and reconciliation which is enjoyed by Sri Lankans today. We Sri Lankans as a nation have to be grateful for the great sacrifices they have made.

Various programmes have been implemented by different state/private institutions and nongovernmental organizations for the welfare of the war heroes who retired due to disability and for the relatives of the war heroes who sacrificed their lives or are missing in action. However due to mismanagement and manipulation many problems have arisen in these programmes. The needy do not get the benefits directly, regularly and on time since they have no proper access to receive these entitlements. Some benefits are centered on one individual or a group of individuals and therefore no transparency is seen. It is therefore the need of the hour to systematize and regulate the process of distributing benefits.


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