Ranaviru Seva authority

"Virusara Privilege"

Sudu Paraviyanta Multhena Denna

Ranaviru Seva Authority and Ministry of Defence


This Virusara Privilege is being introduced in order to expand welfare benefits and carry out them systematically with a transparency for the use of disabled/retired Army/Navy/Air Force/Police and Civil Defence Force personnel who sacrificed their lives for the preservation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our motherland and the close relatives of deceased war heroes.

Personnel eligible to obtain the Virusara Privilege Card

01. Eligibility details of relatives of Army/Navy/Air Force/Police /Civil Defence Force personnel who were killed as a result of terrorist attacks.
  a. Wife and children of married officers and other ranks who were killed during operations.
  b. Mother/Father or guardian of unmarried officers and other ranks who were killed during operations.
  c. Nominative adoptive guardian of unmarried .officers who were killed during operations.
02. Eligibility details of Army/Navy/Air Force/Police and Civil Defence Force personnel who were disabled as a result of terrorists attacks during operations
  a. Those in service , who have been wounded as a result of terrorists attacks where percentage of disability is 20 or more..
  b. Those retired /resigned for medical reasons with 20 or more percentage of disability acquired during operations.

Procedure to obtain the Virusara Privilege Card

01. Application annexed should be completed and submitted along with the following documents.
  a. The applications of close relatives of officers/other ranks killed in action should be forwarded with two 4.5cm x 3.5cm passport sized coloured photographs and duly completed ”Grama Niladari’s certificate” which is in the application as " part ii"
  b. Two 4.5cm x 3.5cm passport sized colour photographs certified by the head of the welfare unit of particular officer/other rank should be submitted when requesting the special card for the officers/other ranks who were disabled in action

Entitlements under the Virusara Privilege Card

01. Getting medical treatment and purchasing medicine at a concessionary price from State Pharmaceutical Corporation.
02. Get into long distance service buses without queuing.
03. If a housing loan is required from a state/private bank to construct a house,it can be obtained at low interest rates.
04. Getting opportunities for the children of war heroes to follow courses in different educational institutions at a concessionary fee or free of charge.
05. If vehicle leasing is required it can be obtained from state/private banks and financial institutions at a concessoinary interest rate.
06. Ability for war heroes who were attacked by terrorists and with 66% percentage of disability ,to obtain a free bus/train pass to travel from home for medical treatment.
07. Ability to buy spices for day today consumption at a concessionary price.
08. Ability to buy electrical appliances to pay in installments with discounts.

Cancellation of the card

01. If there is evidence of misuse of the card.
02. If convicted and sentenced to jail by the Police/Courts for severe illegal acts such as drug trafficking,theft, rape and looting etc.

Special Instructions

01. It is prohibited under any circumstance to alter or transfer this special card. If this is proven relevant person would be deprived of all the privileges given to him and his beneficiaries.
02. This special card is valid for 5 years only.
03. Relevant procedure must be followed to obtain a new card upon expiry.
04. On the death of the card holder, the card should be handed over to the Ranaviru Seva Authority through the welfare unit of the relevant armed force/department.


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